Friday, August 27, 2010

Introduce To You, SHINee the shining boyband!

Well-well, I'm still sick of SHINee's fever.. oohh, and I don't know when will I recover from this illness.. hoohoo.. (God, please help me!)

For me, SHINee is so so so important in my life..^^
Those who addicted to this five handsome guys, you will understand me well, right???
Because I know that you will feel the same way like me...=D

1) Lee Jin Ki (Onew~ SHINee's leader)

Omg! He's so cute, didn't he?? <3

Lee Jinki (이진기), better known by his stage name Onew (온유) was born in the city of Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do. He is the leader, one of the vocalists and oldest member in the group (21 years old this year!), he was discovered at the 2006 S.M. Academy Casting. Onew collaborated with Lee Hyun Ji, former member of project group Banana Girl, for his song "Vanilla Love" and with label-mate, Jessica of Girls' Generation for the song "Il Nyeon Hu (One Year Later)" (Korean: 일년後" (One Year Later).

2) Kim Jong Hyun ( Jonghyun, SHINee's Bling-bling)

Jonghyun is known as SM Dinasour Siblings, together with Donghae SuJu & Amber f(x).
What do you think?? Do they look the same?? 

Kim Jonghyun (김종현), commonly known as Jonghyun, is the main vocalist in the group. He was born and raised in Seoul. He was discovered at the "2005 S.M. Casting System".  Before debuting with Shinee, Jonghyun sang a duet, "Wrongly Given Love" (交错的爱), with Zhang Liyin for her debut Chinese album I Will.

3) Kim Ki Bum (Key, SHINee's umma & diva!)

Peace!! ^^
He's so cute, right?! Well, he is also kown as SHINee's umma, because likes to cook (prepares food for SHINee's members..) Omo2! He's really SHINee's umma! Diva?? Hahaha, he's like to shopping & love fashion so much!

Kim Kibum (김기범), better known by his stage name Key (), is one of the rappers and vocalists in the group. He was born and raised in Daegu. He was a gifted varsity water-skier at Dae Gu Young Shin Middle School. He was discovered at the "2005 S.M. National Tour Audition Casting". Before debuting with Shinee, Key appeared in Super Junior's Wonder Boy MV as an extra dancer. Key was featured in label-mate Xiah's solo "Xiahtic". In 2010 Key was featured in the song "치유 (Healing)" on label-mates TRAX's first mini album "Trax Mini Album Volume 1". Later, it was also announced that Key would have a small part in Girls' Generation's song "Hwaseongin Virus (Boys & Girls)" (Korean: "화성인 바이러스 (Boys & Girls)") on their second studio album Oh!.

4) Choi Min Ho (Minho, SHINee's Flaming Charisma!) <3

Oh, I'm melting!!!! This guy I like the most!!! ^^ I really love him like crazy. He's so handsome!

Choi Minho (최민호), commonly known as Minho, is the other rapper in the group. He was born and raised in Incheon. He also directs and writes raps in some of their songs. He was discovered at the 2006 S.M. Casting System. Before debuting with Shinee, Minho modeled for Ha Sang Baek's "Seoul Collection F/W 08-09" in March.[29] He has appeared in Girls' Generation's music video "Gee". Minho is also a permanent cast member in KBS's Dream Team Season 2.

5) Lee Tae Min ( Taemin, SHINee's Maknae!)

Ohh! Such a cutie! Taemin, you're really SHINee's adorable maknae!

Lee Taemin (이태민), commonly known as Taemin, is the lead dancer of the group. He was born and raised in Seoul. He is the youngest member in group. He was discovered at the "2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting". Taemin debuted as an actor in the sitcom Taehee-Hyegyo-Jihyun! (Korean: "태희혜교지현이!").

SHINee's album!

Year Information
2008 The Shinee World
2010 Lucifer
  • Released: July 19, 2010
  • Label: SM Entertainment


SHINee's Compilation Albums!

Year Information
2008 Amigo
  • Repackaged edition of The Shinee World
  • Released: October 31, 2008
  • Label: SM Entertainment (SMCD-175)


SHINee's EPs!

Year Information
2008 Replay
  • Released: May 23, 2008
  • Label: SM Entertainment (SMCD-169)
2009 Romeo
  • Released: May 21, 2009
  • Label: SM Entertainment (SMCD-184)
2009, Year Of Us
  • Released: October 19, 2009
  • Label: SM Entertainment (SMCD-190)


SHINee's Promotional singles!

  • 2008: "Noonan Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)"
  • 2008: "Sanso Gateun Neo (Love Like Oxygen)"
  • 2008: "A.Mi.Go. (Amigo)"
  • 2009: "Juliette"
  • 2009: "Ring Ding Dong"
  • 2010: "Jo Jo"
  • 2010: "Lucifer"

SHINee's Awards!

Year Award
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards (May Rookie of the Month)
  • MNET 20's Choice Awards (Hot New Star)
  • Asia Song Festival (Best New Artist)
  • Style Icon Awards 2008 (New Icon Award)
  • 15th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards (Best Newcomer)
  • Korean Music Festival 2008 (Best Male Rookie)
  • 23rd Golden Disk Awards (YEPP Newcomer Album)
  • 19th Seoul Music Awards (BonSang Award)
  • 2nd Singapore Entertainment Awards (New Generation Artiste)

I'm happy to introduce you to them... <3 I love you SHINee!
Please support them!!! Aja-aja SHINee, Hwaiting!!!~ <3 auuwwwhhh!!! totally love them!

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