Friday, November 19, 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, the BESTIEST!!!

Sungkyunkwan Scandal....
I'm falling for you... hahahaha (happy!!). Really glad and cheery after knowing this drama. After all, there's my 2nd boyfriend, Song Joong Ki oppa acting in the drama. Wouhaa! SO NICEE!!! Oppa, I love you more & more... you're really cute. There's also Micky (Park Yuchun) from JYJ. Pretty hot, huh?? The best thing is, JYJ sang the OST of this drama, "FOUND YOU". This song is great!!! <3 Love it JYJ!!! Guess who the heroin for this drama??? TaaDaa, the lucky girl is Park Min Young, an actress who is popular with her drama, High Kick & I'm Sam!. Well, she's kind of pretty too... :) (But I've heard she's did plastic surgery...) ~ NO COMMENT! hehehe. Next, Yu Ah In. Know him??? Or not??? If you had not, well, let's start to know him now. I kind of love his character in SKK Scandal. Handsome!!! Hahahahaha.. sorry! I think I love the four of them so much!!! 

1) Micky Yuchun as Lee Seon Jun.

handsome!!! <3 Ahhhhhhhh!!! I'll start to admire you Micky!!! Hwaiting!
Lee Seon Jun, a prime minister's son. He's Mr. Perfect. He's handsome, cool and well-educated. Although he's rich and poweful, he's not arrogant and mis-used his father's power. The thing that I can't accept is, he thinks he's a crazy because he like Kim Yun Sik. (Nooo.., I'm not a gay!!!) hahahahaha. No lah! You're a true man, Lee Seon Jun. Kim Yun Sik is a girl... :)

 2 ) Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee/Kim Yun Sik.

Taadaa!! This is the pretty Park Min Young. She (Kim Yoon Hee) pretends to be Kim Yun Sik, his brother to go to Sungkyunkwan. Then... 
Heyy, Don't ask me. Go watch the drama-lah! hehehehe. 

This is Kim Yoon Hee pretends as Kim Yun Sik to study at Sungkyunkwan, males' university.
Girls are NOT ALLOWED!!!
MALES ONLY. hahahaha :)

3) Song Joong Ki as Gu Yong Ha.

Cute, huh??? Watch out, he's MINE! :b
Joong Ki, acts as Gu Yong Ha, a handsome guy who also studied at Sungkyunkwan. He's known as Ladies' Man. Why??? He's kind of playboy-lah! But still, I love him and his character in the drama!!!

4) Yu Ah In as Mun Jae Sin/Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse. Hahaha. He's handsome! Hehehehe. For your information, he's the first who know Kim Yun Sik (Kim Yoon Hee) is a girl. The funniest thing is, he'll hiccups if he's with a girl. That's make Gu Yong Ha (Soong Joong Ki) curious about Kim Yun Sik, because he know, Mun Jae Sin hiccups  a lot when there's a girl around him. (especially with that pretty-face on!)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, KBS Drama. A-MUST WATCH for me.
Every Monday and Tuesday, 9.03 pm.
Love the four of them! <3

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