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  Ahnyeonghaseyo!  Noris Izzati is here! The sweet cheeky pie who loves to play around! 
 I am the Lord of this blog! First of all, I appreciate your visit here. Please do come again okay? ^^

1st character to be revealed~  I am supremely in love when it comes to KPOP, as I am a diehard fan of them. Their music, their entertainments, their dramas- all of them captured my teen heart! Ask me everything, for sure you’ll get a warm reply. Don’t worry to bother me!  I am SHINee and Boyfriend’s forever and ever lover! Whenever I saw them-  I will turn into a crazy that you will never wonder that the girl is me. Seriously, I’m not lying~ I seem like a people who lose or have a breakage of the fuses in my brain when I caught them in my eyes.

 I am a bubbly yet a cheery person who loves so much to talk. You can call me a chatterbox too! Well- sometimes I can be a quiet one. If the surrounding does not suit me, I will shut myself up. Those who do not know me maybe thought that I am a cold serious person, but they are completely wrong! While the others who know me well, they understand how noisy and bossy I am! My lovely colourful life is complete and perfects with the existence of my beloved bestfriends~ 
 Anin, the one and only I couldn’t separate from
 Diela, my forever sister Ho 
 Marina, my sweet lollycandy
 Kieyra, my lovely ‘mommy’
 Syakir, my forever KPOP sibling 
 Saadah, the one I love being around for her hilarious and psycho way

They are all my heart, my strength and my energy while having a million miles journey studying in SMK Ahmad. I   them freakily so much!

 Now, let’s meet the other persons that me, myself could not live without them too ~
 Natasha, my beloved twinnie that we can shared any issues without sheepish
 Najmi, my crazy head of the naughtiness
 Amera, together both of us being the hard unbreakable wall of KPOP
 Muif, my brother Ho and the one who always there to entertain yet make my day worth
 Wafiy, the ‘macho’ but shy guy who lead me towards a fun world of insanity
 Angah, the annoying but friendly that always stand there to be a caring yet helpful buddy
  They are all adding more meaningful plus beautiful rainbow in my life! 

I am a very sensitive girl , my heart is easily touched. When one’s makes a mistake and blame me for it, I have no shame to show out my tears.  I can cry with ease as I own a soft fragile heart. So you better watch out with your word and your act! On the other hand, I am a person who can’t get mad into people. Whenever I tried to be a brutal towards my friends, they will laugh and accuse it as a funny deed I make. I am an easy going people, so don’t ever worry, I will never make your life complicated~ because, cute-ice-cube-emoticons-2.gif image by DevilToPay I hate things that are hard and I do not put myself into a dizzy way- no and never.

 Pink! Pink! Pink! My favourite colour ever! I love pink clothes. I love pink accessories. I love everything in pink! And I hate when peoples say pink is only for a girl who is so girlish! No way! I am not so girlish ok! I just love pink! Shut your freak mouth up if pink bothers you that much! Other than pink, coral blue and white are my favourite colours too!

Oh~ How about a revenge? No. I am not a revengeful type of human. I don’t keep the mad and burn it into ashes of revenge. There’s no use to be such a revengeful too. No matter how big wrong you did to me, no matter how evil you are acting on me, I never return the hardness you throw at me, because I dislike to keep on the wordless revenge. Yeah~ nobody in this world is perfect right?

 But~ I hate hypocrite peoples. A lot! Rewind:// A lot!!! Those who insincere with me, who hide their true colours just because a certain purpose, you better get lost from my sight. I hate a liar like you. I do not like to listen on others, frankly. Because, I am just the way I am. I do not copycat others. I act naturally, showing out the true in me.  If you feel uneasy with the way I am, get your own way from butting into my life, as I don’t even need you.

When I face problems and someone kindly lend me his@her hand, forever I will remember their kindness and virtue. Besides, I can’t stand seeing other peoples let out their tears because of the hardship. As well as I can, I will help to solve the problems, so their faces can engrave smile again. I love the happy atmosphere!

The one thing that I hated the most~ from the kindergarten to primary school, from primary to a secondary one,  I seriously hate the word ‘exam’. I don’t know why but I’m super duper dislike what we call as examination! I feel like a dummy and blur, yet my brain jammed because of the mixing information of each subjects. Thank God, despite of that, you can call my result as a good yet an achieving one too ^o^

 A food namely chicken is one of my favourite foods.  Any food that has chicken in it, it’s like a heaven for me. I eat everything, as long as chicken is there! Say hooray for the chicken because I love you chicken more than words! Chocolates and candies are something that I become a fan too~ my choice for~ chocolates are Ferraro Roche and Cadbury (such a paradise for me!) while my favourite lollipop is Chupachups and I really love chocolate-topping ice creams

 My favourite magazine is Epop, as it serves me with the news of Korean world of entertainment. No wonder right? ~bhahaha Furthermore I love reading novels, especially the romantic-comedy one,  listening to music  , surfing the internet as I love blogging and appearing online in Facebook, making short-stories and English fanfictions. And~ don’t forget, I love wrapping myself in a blanket    too!

  I guess I better stop it here. Too much babbling is not my type! Thanks for reading! Love you and enjoy as much time as you need here! ^^

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