Friday, March 4, 2011

Bwo??? Diela mau pindah sini?

Yup. InsyaAllah Nur Shuhadah Adiela akan move ke Ahmad balik. Oh GOD, I'm supremely HAPPY! My Sister HO! How I miss her so damn much! I really want to see and meet her. But, she still tak tahu sama ada she should move or not. That's because, she feels embarrass.. takut-takut budak kelas kiteorang nanti ejek-ejek die. Hurmm.. but if i'll at her place, I'll totally PINDAH!! Oh, sungguh ku tak sanggup duduk di ASRAMA! it's like a NIGHTMARE!  Waaaa! Sye dah berpengalaman duduk hostel when I'm in Form 1, so I know what she feels! 
 DIELA, I really want to meet you! Please be right with your decision! Make sure it's the BEST choice!

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