Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bubbye holidays, Hello School!

I gotta say bubbye to holiday *crying like there's no tomorrow
School is just around the corner, yaw! Are you  ready or not?

-Relaxing myself with SHINee's song, Ready or Not-

Ofcourse I'm NOT!
Although I miss all my friends so damn much, but it just to hard to say goodbye to this sweet holidays! Duhh!

I'm getting bigger and bigger, getting older and older (NO!) haha
I'm going to be sixteen next year. Bubbye fifteen! Yahh, life must go on. Must get older although we don't want to.
Next year, I'll take Science Agama class with 11 subjects. My parent want me to continue studying B. Arab, coz it is precious to have one extra languange (Is it, huh?) Oh, and I'm just follow -_-"
Maybe they're right. I'll make you happy mom, dad! (Hwaiting!)
Hope 2011 will be my year. I want to study hard, achieve good result in every exams. ^^ I want to change all my bad habits (haha, do I have?) being a good daughter and so many more-lahh!!! (lol)
Omo~ korean virus never want to leave me alone. I don't know what to do, and just accept it. (More lol!) :P
Especially SHINee.
SHINee!!! Why am I too crazy for the five of you??! *sobbing
I LOVE SHINee so damn MUCH! The LOVE will never fade away, as I really adore them!
Especially, my 2MIN!!! (Saranghae, Oppa!) ^^

MIN ho + Tae MIN = 2MIN :)

MINE!! 2MIN is MINE!!! muahaha *evil laugh

2MIN, you do adore me! :*

My Baby Boo :) haha 
5 Cute Boos!

Hahaha. Omo, it driving me crazy. I LOVE you SHINee!
P/s : Jonghyun and Key, I will save you without hesitate if you fall from the monkey-bar! haha :)

MARCHING!!! Kyaa! So smart! haha xD I really love this pic for no reason!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from SHINee :8 adorable lahh!
Jinja! Naomu CUTE! My SHINee in artzie way :)

That's it. Although I'm getting older, my heart always on SHINee :)



P/S : Bought a special book. Big pinky-book! *laugh 
I'll fill in all my favorite Korea stuff in it for next year :) hahaha

I can't wait to 'merepek + mengarut + merabai' kt situ!!! kih3 :D


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