Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Ex is my friend's Boyfriend! :P

Hahahaa.. :P Don't have any work to do, so this is it! "Mengarut" je lahh! xD
Today, I want to tell you about someone :)
She's so friendly and I really love that I have a friend like her.. Thanks for being my friend ;)
Haha, her name is Hanis Aizie :) 
Aizie is cute, nice and kind girl.
She's so SUPER DUPER in LOVE with Lee Gi kwang from BEAST. (Ofcourse! Gi kwang is so handsome maa!) haha xD

Her, it's her! :) This is Hanis Aizie. Omo~ I love her cheeks. So chubby lohh! Rse cam nk cubit2 jep!

My ex that is now her boyfriend :P lol
haha, saje je ney! Jgn mara Aizie!

So handsome, didn't he? That's why Aizie declares him as her beloved boyfriend :)

This 2 pics I edited special for her :)
She's so happy for that, so she edited Jang Geun Suk and Minho's pics for me <3

Always be friends :)


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