Friday, December 31, 2010

Say HELLO to 2011

2011 has arrived, guys! So, what's your feeling? happy? sad? God, What a stupid question I've ever ask! xD haha
Ignore it, yaa! :)
Happy New Year! Hope 2011 gonna be OUR year! :)

Believe it or not, I'm sixteen on this year :) (Ouh. I'm a biggy now!) 
But, I've no idea, as I'm still act childish although I'm a teenager now! :D uuh, haha
My Wish List for this year :::
1) Noris Izzati wants to be a good daughter :) No naughty-naughty! lol
2) Noris Izzati wants to study hard always :)
3) Noris Izzati wants to achieve a good and flying colour result in every exam.
4) Noris Izzati still loyal to SHINee and always be a SHINee World :) ILYSDM, SHINee!~
5) Noris Izzati will LOVEs and SUPPORTs Korea always!
6) Noris Izzati wants to be in a list of TOP 10 student's achievement :)
7) Noris Izzati still loyal admiring "him" :) [who? who? haha, it's a secret lah!] sysshh! 

That's it! :D Will try my very best to achieve all my wishes! 
Noris Izzati bt Ismail
Norishinee C-ho :)


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