Saturday, December 18, 2010

Minho + Jiyeon = Perfect Cute Couple!


Wah oh wah!
Min-Ji Couple!
So cute! So adorable! ^^
At last... I can see them being together!!! How sweet!
This is Minho and Jiyeon's cut during Music Core...;)
They look close and cute as MC together! I keep smiling & smiling, seeing how lovely they are! :D
I think it is not wrong for me to make them a couple in my fanfic, Crystal Love :) or maybe I'll write another fanfic about them!

P/s : Don't get mad and bash me if you don't like them together :) I love both Minho and Jiyeon. I like seeing them together. Please respect me too.

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  1. baru pertama liat mreka, aqu lamgsung kepincut.. hehehe..


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